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February 19, 2018
Filing a Grievance

What you need to know about filing a grievance (Statement of Occurence).

1) Timelines - each Labor Agreement has specific language on how much time you have to file a grievance (Statement of Occurence).  In any case the time starts on the day of the occurence. 

The Core Agreement has 45 days.

The Internet Services Agreement has 45 days for anything other than a termination, for terminations you have 30 days to file a grievance. 

The Mobility Agreement has 45 days.

2) You may be hesitant about filing a grievance (Statement of Occurence) for one reason or another, you should think about yourself first.  The Company is not thinking about you when you were placed on discipline, given a bad appraisial, or placed on a IAP (Individual Action Plan) or a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan).  Filing a grievance (Statement of Occurence) is up to you.

3) Filling Out The Statement of Occurence Form - Take the time to fill out the form completely, detailing as much information as possible, witness', what happened, etc.

4) Get your filled out form to your Steward or VP as soon as you can so that we can file this formally.  If you delay getting the form to us within the timeline we will NOT be able to file it formally, we can hear it informally if the Company is willing to hear it.  If the Company is not willing to hear it, there is nothing that we can do that is why it is important that you file the form timely.

CWA Local 6508 Statement of Occurance Form

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